Module 3 Exploring Delicious

If you wish to use this task as one of your three (3) OLJ tasks for Assignment 2, you will need to write a short evaluation (no more than 350 words) of your use of Delicious as a social bookmarking tool – include a critical evaluation of the effectiveness of different features and/or functions, as well as a brief statement on the different ways an information organisation may be able to utilise Delicious to support information services, learning and/or collaboration of users and/or employees. I will moniter Delicious and visit it later to write my critical evaluation.

30 November 2011

I have not been a strong user of social bookmarking as I have mostly used Favourites. I did use the old Delicious  ad hoc and really liked the features , unfortunately I missed out on the time frame of moving my links to the new Delicious so basically I am a new user now. I do the like the new features and mostly use Help to get around. Now I am getting quite savvy at creating stacks, sharing links and following other users  but there is often service distruptions and long delays as this this service is being re-launched with new features and functionality according to AVOS and the new owners.

The site performance issues has drawn a number of negative comments from bloggers ( as previous users are frustrated and worried about their bookmarks. Quite a few users have turned to other social bookmarking services such as Pinboard which charges a one off fee to join the service.

I’m quite frustrated with what I’ve seen so far on the new Delicious service with site maintenance issues, but will give it a couple of weeks to see how it shapes up. As Delicious is under development and feedback is being collated hopefully there will be something useful coming in the next few weeks… customer feedback is important for this service so I am hopeful the next few weeks will see enhancements in service and features

December 13/12/2011

I have created alerts on Google to track the developments as the new service evolves, monitor the forum. In a span of few months (Sept – Dec) there is  Delicious blog and looks like they are listening and responding to user feedback through new features and enhancements. A comprehensive overhaul of design has seen

  • More prominent comments from the stack creator to add a greater level of personalization
  • A more informative presentation with better content previews, to give a clearer sense of what’s behind each click
  • Better media display that showcases quality images and compelling video

With these enhanced features Delicious has great potential as a social bookmarking tool for supporting information services, learning and or collaboration with users in an a range of different learning environments such as schools, academic settings, public libraries or in business organisations.

The new Delicious has some new features which makes it visually appealing. The stacks feature is a collection of links built around a common theme and a juicy description can be added to it. But the categories are very broad and limiting for specific groups of users who would like to collect special web resources.

It now supports multi-word tags such as phrases can be added which is useful for resource discovery. Functions – Creating stacks, linking stacks, following and sharing via email but needs verification, Privacy setting, Sharing or editing, Adding tags and publishing stacks.

The focus of Delicious is discovery and curation. It is also becoming more social – interacts with Twitter & Facebook.