Module 2: Web 2.0 technologies and social software


Tagging is a method of adding metadata to content which enables resource discovery. Adding key words or phrases as descriptive tags is a useful method of searching for content online and it is seen across a range of Web 2.0 platforms. The content in these platforms are created by people who want share it online so tagging enables others to find it and share.

Flickr is a popular digital photo-hosting site and makes great use of tagging so people can search and share digital photos. Assigning keyword or category labels enables us to discover what is available online.

I have been exploring the tags in Flickr and uploaded some photos for practice. As part of the module activity I have to uploaded some photos, created a photostream and then added some to the Group INF209-INF506 for sharing. This is a wonderful way to learn Web 2.0 technologies. There is much more to this online photo/video sharing site to learn.