Assessment item 1: OLJ creation & first entry

To successfully meet the requirements of Assignment 2, students must create an online learning journal (OLJ) using a social networking site (e.g., a blog, wiki, ning, etc.), and complete the first entry for their OLJ. In this first entry, briefly:

(a)  define what social networking is (in your own words);

Social networking is the practice of making connections, communicating and sharing content online using social sites and social media. What was done in the past via mailing lists and bulletin boards has been recreated by technology and moved online with many interactive features such as users can contribute by adding content which can be text, images, photos, video or other media. Social networking facilitates interaction between users who share interests, activities and attitudes such as Facebook. Social sites can be personal or professional allowing multiple users to create profiles, engage in conversations and create content. Social media sites provide various tools and services allowing individuals to network such as YouTube, a digital places for publishing and sharing content.

(b) list what social networking technologies and sites you already use (for personal, work and study purposes); and

Study and work purposes I use blogs, wikis, Libguides, Yammer, Delicious, Youtube, Teachertube, Slideshare, RSS,

Personal – Facebook – just activated my account for the purposes of this unit. Skype

(c) describe what you expect to learn from completing INF506.

I hope to expand my knowledge and skills in this area as it growing at an unprecedented rate and a large number of people from all ages and works of life are using social sites and social media to connect online for work, study and recreation. As familiarity grows with social networking technology many more people will become users. As a librarian I would like to harness the potential of this evolving technology and increase my understanding of a range of ethical, legal, and technological aspects of supporting my clients and work colleagues as digital citizens. As I immerse myself within a range of social networking environments I hope to explore the potential of social networking to support informational, educational, social and organisational needs of my clients and workplace.